Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I've been thinking a lot lately about the word enlightenment and what it means to me. There have been a few difficult situations this week that have really tested me and I'll admit it, I was really struggling in my response. 

So for the next few weeks I will reflect on what enlightenment is looking like for me. 

To be enlightened means; 
  1. Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.
  2. Spiritually aware.

I think there is a huge diference in dealing with conflicts/hurts and responding to them. I think your response is everything!  So for me this week I have really changed my outlook/attitude. I have risen above turmoil and become enlightened. You design your future from within. The more you guard your own mind and rest in good thoughts, the better will be your world. It is not external circumstances that affect your happiness, it is your internal mindset. 

My life has a plan, purpose and power!! I will not sit by-on the sidelines while others capture what I'm after. Today, this week and for a long time I choose to be in the game. That's my hope for you. Stop allowing others to dictate your future, go after whatever it is that you want...


Thursday, April 18, 2013


Loving: Feeling like myself again! Like-PREBABY Christian! I love it. I have my body, my energy, MYSELF BACK. I also feel like I've really hit my stride with the whole motherhood thing. I still have a lot to learn and experience but I really feel like Ella and I are communicating well and enjoying eachother. 

Watching: Best Ink-like whoah...I love that show. The girl with the mohawk is my favorite. I have a few tattoo pieces planned and I feel like that show really showcases artists. For someone like me who is looking for art this show is cool you learn the difference between good/bad art and how to choose your artist. 

Thinking About: The store. I think about it all the time. What needs to be ordered, products to carry and services to offer. I love it...keeps me motivated and inspired. I have LOTS in the works right now. 

Anticipating: The Great Cloth Diaper Change. It's been a lot of planning and I'll look forward to getting our count in and it being OVER. 

Wishing: That Birchbox would revamp a bit. I've really been unimpressed with my box lately. I've been looking forward to my Ipsy bag more than my BB. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about...Birchbox is a monthly box that I have subscribed for. It comes in the mail and is filled with cosmetic goodies ( WAS). I love it. I've gotten the following in my boxes; lipstick, nail polish, lip balm, hair products, etc. Yes..I'm a granola Mama but I LOVE cosmetics. Can't help myself...

Wearing: Pants three sizes smaller than before I got pregnant. That's right. I am smaller than BEFORE I was even pregnant. Thank you, Breastfeeding...

Making me happy: EVERYTHING. I'm at such a good place in my life. My little family is thriving. We spend time with eachother and learn together. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dear Bird,

My, my, my how time flies. It's amazing that in a few short months you'll be 1! You're sitting next to me fidgeting with the keyboard and wondering what I'm doing. I softly remove your hands from the keys and you look up at me with those big brown eyes, questioning and wondering. It's those eyes that draw people in. They're so deep for a little one. When people meet you for the first time, it's the first thing that they mention.

I remember dreaming of you before you were born. I knew you would have dark eyes, I knew your eyes. You and I have a special relationship. You can make me do things I never thought imaginable. You have changed me. I'm so brave because of you! This new person, the person I've become will be forever grateful!

I hope that as we age together you will understand the love that I have for you.

You have your Daddy's curious gene-always wanting to know how something works, inquisitive and full of wonder. I love that about the both of you. I know that there will be a time that your relationship with your Daddy will become a priority and I'm good with that. I look forward to it but always come back to me my love...

I leave you with a photo that was taken yesterday. It embodies you at this time in your life-a little particular, the apple of our eye and cool.

Love you,
Mama Bird

Monday, April 15, 2013

Quick post-wipes recipe.

I have had a few people asking about the wipes solution that I make, so here it is:

1 tbsp of Dr. Bronners
4 drops of tea tree oil
3 drops of lavendar oil
2 drops of vitamin e
4 cups of warm water

**I use this for my at home wipes. I dip my wipes and put them in a wipes warmer. You really don't want to do too many...You don't want them in your warmer for more than 3 days, if longer they get a musty smell. I put the remaining mixture in a small spray bottle.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Two is a pair.

As I was searching this morning for some Saturday inspiration I stumbled on this and thought that it was worth sharing. 

Here's their story: In February, Samantha, an American actor living in Los Angeles, received a Facebook message from Anaïs, a French fashion design student living in London. Anaïs' friends had seen a YouTube video featuring Samantha. They were immediately blown away by the identical appearance of Samantha and Anaïs. After a few Google stalking sessions, Anaïs and her friends discovered that both girls were born on November 19, 1987 and adopted shortly afterward. Anaïs knew immediately that it was possible for Samantha to be her biological twin sister and reached out to her through Facebook.

Check out their Kickstarter!!!

In all of the craziness of this week, I found this to be a burst of fresh air. The world is big-the internet is small. It makes me wonder about the family that I have never biological grandmother was adopted. Although I do know much about her and her never know who you're related too. 
Along the lines of the world being big but the internet being small, have you ever thought about your "online identity"? It's crazy to think that there are two separate parts to you; the real you and the perceived you. 

How are you being perceived? 

I'd like to be one someone perceived as; kind, passionate, tolerant, positive, driven and MOST important loving. 

Have a beautiful weekend!

Xoxo Christian

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Can you just do this for me...

Today,  yesterday, the day before that and last week I have been working on the store website. I'm using a service called Shopify and it's pretty user friendly for building a site. However...your still BUILDING a site. There is nothing "easy" about it. So. I keep plugging away. I'm actually posting this and taking a break from it. I'm loading product DAILY. It between customers coming through the door, little Ella Bird needing her Mama and nourishing my body with food..I keep plugging. I've learned that by setting reachable goals I get things done. So from this point forward I will be loading 10 products a day...Can someone keep me accountable? Don't get me wrong. I love online business but lets face it. The people coming through the door neeeed me!..haha.

Check out my progress so far ----> Here <-----

Monday, April 1, 2013

Back to blogging.

Well. It's finally starting to slow down. Things have been going amazingly well lately! After I quit my job in Feb I decided to finally embark on my business journey. I came up with the concept of Everyday Baby back in November of 2012. It's something that I held close to my heart, I didn't really say much about it and when I finally decided to resign my position with Merion (the multifamily company that I worked for) I became serious about owning a business. Things really lined up well for us- Nate got his dream job, our monthly household budget changed (for the better) and I found a great space for the store.

Everyday Baby had been a dream. When I found out that I was pregnant with Ella I (like most new Mamas) hit the internet hard. There were opinions, lots of inaccurate information and fallacies. I became passionate about natural parenting and birth and breastfeeding advocation. So needless to say, I'm absolutely doing something that I'm passionate about. I get to hang-out with my family and we are enjoying building something together.

I'm so happy to be typing this out right now...from the desk of my store, listening to my baby play with her da-da-da and the smell of coffee is a bonus!

Check out the new digs!

Life is good,
xoxo Christian A.