Thursday, August 30, 2012


Loving: These Thirsties duo wraps. They fit Ella so well! I really love the print too. They have the double gussets for solid leak protection. The fit is snug and Ella seems very comfortable in them. We use our pre folds with them and they work great! We went from having three proraps to having more Thirsties! I bought two Rumparooz at Bippy Diapers last Saturday and HATE them. I may change my mind when Ella gets older but for right now they are WAY big on my birdie's little toosh.

Watching: Since I have been on maternity leave I've had more time for t.v. and as much as I hate to admit it I've been watching some real CRAP lately. Notably I have been watching Toddlers and Tiaras. Why? Because I think it's absolutely ridiculous. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around it. To any pageant moms out there...I'm sorry but how on earth do you justify that. My goodness. Fake eyelashes on a 3yr old?

Thinking About: Getting into shape! I'm so very excited about getting my body back and BETTER! I've been walking The Bridge on Saturdays and am going to start taking a TRX training class as well...I'm really excited. There is a FREE TRX training group that meets at the Ringling Bridge Gazebo every Saturday! Count me in! Sarasota Moms Kristi also has a bootcamp on Tuesdays and Thursdays! If you're interested in joining in then let me know!

Anticipating: The dentist. Eww.

Wishing: That winning the lottery was more probable. Could you imagine?? Geez...
"But I’d rather be working for a paycheck
Than waiting to win the lottery" -Bright Eyes

Wearing: All of my scores from Hautelook! I have been doing so much online shopping lately! I've been excited about being a normal sized person! I will be putting together my fave items in a separate post along with my wishlist for fall. Hopefully I will be wearing these Bonlook glasses sometime soon. They are buy one get on 50% off! Hmm...I need to order these!

Making me happy: Seeing my husband be a dad! I have gotten a chance to experience the relief, of having a husband that plays an active parent role. It's so nice to know that Ella is loved by her Dad as much as I love her. It is a very comforting feeling. Especially when you feel like you have to protect your child from everything...he is like our very own superhero. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear Bird,

Oh birdie! I just adore your sweet face. Everyday you're getting bigger, making me smile and stealing our hearts. You love when I hold you and you are able to look around the room. It's amazing to think that you're little body was balled up in my tummy! You're getting SOO big. You have gained 4lbs since birth and your already looking different. I'm going to cherish these moments with you. By the way, tonight you belly laughed for the first time. It was so adorable. I was kissing your face and you just started belly laughing. I cried. You're Momma is pretty sensitive these days and for good reason...

Ella Mae everything is changing. I had no clue what this kind of love was...then you came along. It puts things into perspective and reestablishes your priorities. You my love are my #1 priority.

Monday, August 27, 2012

One month photodump.

These are my favorite photos from Ella's first month of life! Yay!!!

One month update.

Please excuse the photo quality of this picture! I can assure you that I don't plan on posting that type of image quality often. It just so happens that this particular photo crashed during upload and this is what I got during recovery :('s been on month! We've made it! Yay! It's been soo great! 

Personality: Ella is proving to be as laid back as her Dad. She is not a fussy baby AT ALL! She usually only cries if she needs something; food, clothing or diaper change. We cloth diaper so she has to be changed more frequently (I will be posting about cloth diapering later). 
She is very smart and began tracking at just a few days old she rolled over for the first time on 07/22/12. I was very excited! She really loves tummy time.

Sleep: Ella has been bedsharing since her arrival. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. I'm aware that there are many opinions on co-sleeping and thats what they are OPINIONS. For me, it's been amazing. Ella gets up once a night for a change and about twice for a feeding. I've really enjoyed cuddling with her.

Health: The only hiccup that we have had is thrush. It's of the devil and I hate it. I've boiled bras, taken every probiotic under the sun, washed up with vinegar before feeding and even rinsed her mouth after feedings. It's been trying to say the least. I have resorted to taking diflucan. She is not being treated, just me. So...we will see how it goes. Other than that, things have been great. She has gained 3lbs since birth and 2 inches in height. Exciting stuff!

Eating: We have a routine for sure. She lets me know when she is hungry and I feed her. Thats about it. Haha! I know that some will schedule and such, but that hasn't really worked for us. She gives me very strong cues and I listen. I just go with her...

Appearance: Well..she DID have a full head of hair. Not so much anymore. I was sad when I realized she was losing it on the top of her head. It happened over a few days. We would wake-up in the mornings and it would be scattered on the bed. Bald baby. It's growing in now but she looks funny. She looks a lot like me as a baby. It's the nostrils..haha!

Birth Announcments

We ordered Ella's birth announcements through Paper Culture. I really loved the quality and every order plants a tree! We were able to dedicate a tree to Eleanor which I thought was pretty neat! They ugraded my orded to Express Shipping for FREE! Love a good deal!

wearing my little using the ring sling.

I wanted to post the videos that have helped me learn how to use my ring sling. When I first began using my Sakura Bloom sling I was a little frustrated. I couldn't figure out how to adjust using the "rails" and it was becoming difficult to keep Ella in an optimal position. After watching the video post above, I realized I had my sling threaded wrong (eep). After threading the sling correctly, things became MUCH easier! It was time to learn positions!

The tummy to tummy position was the first position that I learned. As Ella got a little older she preferred her legs out at the bottom.

Learning to breastfeed in my sling has made getting things done SO much easier! Ella loves to be nestled close and nursing in her sling has become a norm for us. 

These are the two positions that I have learned so far and I plan on learning more! As I learn, I will post. I have gone to a local babywearing group here in Sarasota, FL. If you are local I highly recommend it!

Eleanor's Birth Story

**Disclaimer-If your not family or into childbirth this video/post isn't for you. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Hey! I'm not very fond of typing out long drawn out stories...I like the more quick and painless approach...VIDEO. I recorded Ella's birth story for your viewing pleasure.'s more for me than for you!

Friday, August 24, 2012

One Week Update

At one week Ella was:

  • Holding her head up
  • Following objects with her eyes
  • Grasping her Daddy's finger
  • Pooping a TON
  • Getting up twice through the night
  • Perfecting her latch on

Newborn Photo Shoot

As you can see...I love documenting everything through pictures. Annamae Bafia did an awesome job (again)!

We shared some memories on this shoot...lets just say that when you put your child on a log, you're REALLY wanting a good photo!

Thanks! Annamae!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birth Video

Ella's birth video was featured on Chantal's blog! Please go and check it out! Jessica Adkins was our birth photographer! She did an amazing job capturing this special event!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Why, Birdie?

I have many people ask why I call Eleanor "Birdie"
Why?...Well...when she was in my tummy she would flutter around when I would sing the song "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins. My momma sang it to me and now I sing it to her. It's kind of our thing...and she is my little bird! The nickname stuck.


Two of my best friends threw me the greatest shower. Morgan Newell and Nicole Horn really put a lot of time into making sure that it as perfect! I was astounded when I walked into Morgan's home, the decorations were breathtaking. They had a really nice spread for the guests to enjoy (my mom made the scones and sister made cupcakes) and speaking of guests, we had many out of town visitors that came to celebrate with us! It was a really great time!

About to Burst!

Right before Ella was born we did another photoshoot with the wonderful Annamae Bafia documenting the size of my belly. These were taken one week before her arrival and I feel that turned out great! It's hard to believe my little nugget was inside-growing big and strong!

Nursery Tour

I love good design and DIY. I wanted Ella's nursery to be unique. I can't stand matchy-matchy furniture and bedding. I wanted something that was unique. Some of the design elements were inspired by mid century modern design. I did incorporate some unique family pieces that were repainted and worked well in the room.

The yellow dresser belonged to my great-grandmother and I love the new life it was given with that yellow!

Here is a little tour for your viewing pleasure:
*Disclaimer* I was 9 months pregnant when I shot this...I was def out of breath. I'm sorry if it's distracting. 

Natural Childbirth Education

The neat thing about choosing this birth plan is the amount of preparation that goes into it. You don't just wake-up and say "today is the day, I'm gonna give birth el natural." You have to learn about the birth process...just so you can know what to expect.

Nate and I took a Natural Childbirth class taught by birth educator Chantal Wiliford. Chantal also has a blog called Butterfly Birth where she shares birth stories, resources and information. I would recommend taking her natural childbirth classes if you are looking to prepare yourself adequately. We covered helpful topics like:

  • labor and birth positions
  • breastfeeding
  • postpartum care
  • relaxation techniques
  • interventions and complications

"Classes are designed to educate and empower both women and their partners to create a positive birth experience for themselves." Butterfly Birth-Chantal Wiliford

It's a Girl!

I had the opportunity to work with the amazing photographer (turned friend) Annamae Bafia. We came up with a neat shoot announcing the gender of our baby girl! She is such a creative/talented photographer. If you are in the Sarasota/Bradenton area and you are looking for a photographer to capture a special moment...she is your girl! Here are a few photos from the shoot!

Choosing a Midwife.

I knew that I wanted an experienced Midwife (duh).

What I didn't know was that I wanted a doctors office like wasn't until that I had visited another birthing "home" that I realized I was after a "setting".

I liked the idea of a somewhat controlled environment. We went to an open house at Birthways Family Birth Center and were amazed at the cleanliness, organization and presentation that was given. We watched an informative video about natural childbirth. I was impressed by Christina Holmes' experience and dedication to midwifery. Birthways made me feel comfortable, empowered and informed. I would recommend Birthways to ANY expectant momma!

First Thing, First...

**Disclaimer** My time is very limited-I have a newborn and I work full-time. Please don't expect regular posts (I'm saying this more for me, than for you). I am not always/ever grammatically correct. Nor do I spell correct all the time...However, I promise to ALWAYS use spell check.

I will not be posting this blog till I have a few posts up...just for the simple fact that it will be more enjoyable for the first time reader.

News To Share.

*This post was taken from my old blog and put here. It was posted on November 6th 2011.

So this is about the time when life gets crazy....
I found out I was pregnant on Friday November, 4 2011. It's so funny how life works out. I had never thought in a million years that I would ever feel this feeling.

I came home from work on Friday and sat down on the couch, Nate had just gotten home from school and we were looking forward to spending the evening together. "It's FRIDAY!" I was so happy and as usual we began to plan how we were going to spend our evening...(I wanted to go to Ceviche's for dinner and drinks). I was thinking that I'd text some friends and we'd be on our way enjoying our Friday night.

As I sat on the couch I began to think aloud. I asked Nate what the date was and he cooly told me that it was the 4th. Thats when I realized that I was going to start my period that next day. Normally, the few days before I start I feel a little swollen, crampy, etc..

I had none of this.

I told Nate..."hmm..I don't feel like it! I think I'm going to go take a pregnancy test!"

I have taken pregnancy tests more than enough, and know the feeling that engulfs you when you are looking over that little stick drenched in urine. This time it was different. I knew that I was pregnant.

Sure enough. It quickly flashed "pregnant" and thats when it hit me. For some, finding out that they are expecting brings them to tears...Me? I laughed. Hysterically.

As you can imagine, that news dictated the rest of our evening. We decided right away that we would go to Chipotle then walk through Target looking at baby stuff.

Little Baby,
I don't know you yet but I sure can't wait to meet you! Your Daddy and I have been dreaming about parenthood for some time now. I look forward to your arrival and can't wait to teach you all of the things that I know. Until then I will keep dreaming of what it will be like!