Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Festivities

I adore Fall.
I know that I probably sound like every other blogger out in the blogosphere but I'm serious, I love it.
I have created a little fall bucket list and thought that I'd share.

So...we've completed a few things this weekend!!! My little bird brain picked out her own pumpkin, we went on a hay ride AND created a fall nature table! I leave you with evidence! Muah!!! Xoxo

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Loving: Knitting! I've taught myself how to knit this past month (thank you YouTube!). I really love making Things for Ella Bird! To date, I've made an infinity scarf for bird, a scarf for me and I'm working on matching slouchy beanies for the two of us! Bring on that fall weather! I'll be knitting some socks for Nate... those seem more difficult...

Watching: The breaking bad season finale! I've watched breaking bad since season one And I consider myself a big fan! I loved the last episode... I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't gotten to watch it yet BUT The ending was killer! 

Anticipating: The holiday season!  There is something magical about the month of October, it's as if it is the beginning of my favorite time of the year! I love it! bird and I are working on our fall nature table it's been fun! I love explaining to her The change of the season! She may be too little now...but it's the memories! I'm very excited to introduce new traditions to our family! Stay tuned-I have a whole post written about all of the things that we're going to do!

Wearing:Mop head hair! I so badly need to get my hair done. I'm trying to figure out my next color... I've had pink, I've had green and blue..hmm... Maybe I'll go purple!

Eating: VEGAN! I LOVE BEING VEGAN! IT'S BEEN SO GREAT FOR ME! I feel so much better.... I was having lots of tummy trouble before. It seems after you have the baby your body goes out of whack

Wishing: I shouldn't say wishing. It's more like expecting. I feel like when you have expectations or you go into a situation EXPECTING, things actually happen! So... I'm expecting BIG THINGS for Everyday Baby. Going to make them happen! I'm talking product lines, multiple locations, strong community outreach and MOST IMPORTANTLY women following their dreams of entrepreneurship. My heart is so full and expectant of Gods plans!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Being an entrepreneur...

I knew that when I opened Everyday Baby that I was taking a risk. However, I know that I truly believe in my business model; loving mamas, providing community support and selling great products. To date, we've accomplished just that and I'm happy...but...I know that just around the corner is a bigger plan...WORLD DOMINATION (KIDDING)! Ha! I've had the opportunity to look at the models of some of my fave "momtrepreneurs" and become quite inspired.

Thinking of starting a biz? Sick of clocking in? Wanna be your own boss? You CAN! 

Here are my 5 tips for starting your biz:

. Don't be afraid of risk-You have to act when you're MOST on fire about it...or guess what? You'll NEVER do it! So when you make the decision go in-both feet first!

. Have a great product-Please, please, please, be original. There are SOO many mommy websites, blogs, etc. Do something that NO ONE else is doing. I chose something off-line and online but if you're going to be online create something beautiful that people want.

. Make an investment-not just monetarily but your TIME. Thats how you build a brand and its something I'm learning. I HAVE to update this blog more often but, sometimes I get so busy with in-store stuff I find it hard still HAS to be done. Your voice, presence, etc is important and MUST be heard.

. Don't be afraid of failure-Since I've opened my brick & mortar I've learned SO much...I've failed SO much but, these failures make me strong!

. Keep momentum-Your product must keep traction with consumers. If you're loosing it-get your shit together! Figure it out and make it work.

Thats it my go and make yourself proud!