Sunday, December 16, 2012

5 Month Update

Personality: What an inquisitive little stinker! She's always trying to figure out what the world is around her! I know that everyone says that their baby is happy but...I have a HAPPY BABY all the time! 

Sleep: She gets a bath at 8:30 and she is in bed by 9PM. She wakes up around 4AM and gets in bed with us. Clockwork..

Health: Hmm..I think she is healthy :0) We have her check-up on the 18th. I think we will begin discussing immunizations. I don't want to immunize at all but I think Nate is more on the fence. I have not done enough research to support either way and I NEED to figure it out SOON!

Eating: We are going to introduce solids SOON. I have given her some homemade applesauce and she was a little confused at first. After the second time she was okay with it. I think we're going to wait a little while longer. She has NO teeth (I'm hoping that changes soon). So...I think we'll wait till she has some mini chompers! 

Appearance:She looks just like me when I was little! It's funny though, there are times she IS a little Nate. I notice when she is trying REALLY hard, she gets a "determined" face and it's Nate Axness all over the place!

Happy 5 Months Old, Birdie!!! Mama Loves you!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Bird,

So this is a little late...but..I have so much to report! You sure are talkative. I mean you jibber jabber ALL DAY LOOONG...I love it It's the best sound in the world. We went to Disney two weekends ago and you were LOVING it. The "It's a Small World" ride was your favorite. It was like being in a giant kept tossing your head from side-to-side just taking it all in...

Your Daddy is your best buddy. The way that you look at him is amazing. You know that when your on the changing table that he will play with you for a look forward to it.

Oh! You're also reaching for me! Kind of a big deal! I love it...You're my world Ella Bird. I love you.