Thursday, June 26, 2014

The word "Extreme" and what it means to me...

Everyday Baby and I, Christian Axness, are excited about the upcoming docu-series exploring different types of parenting that we were featured in last summer and I wanted you to hear it from me FIRST.

I have experienced so much positivity this last year regarding the filming of this show and I want to say THANK YOU! My intentions in participating with this show has/is to promote the ideas of "gentle conscious parenting" and I hope that you enjoy it.

In this crazy drama-filled world of mommy wars, mama drama and private FB groups bashing others I have found it intriguing to come right out and say that; "Yes...I am a gentle parent and I plan on breastfeeding my daughter for as long as she wants. Yes...I believe in home birthing, placenta encapsulation and, elimination communication."

Do I think that my parenting style is "extreme"? 

Do I believe that extended breastfeeding is "extreme"? 

Do I think that others are "doing it wrong"? 
Wrong for my family...we have chosen this as the right way for us.

Do I think that exposing your child to chicken pox vs. giving them the vaccination is "extreme"? Nope. Thats how I got chicken pox!

Do I think that there are more "extreme" parents featured on the show?
Heck yea! I can't wait to watch...It will be interesting to see these styles. It may make our family look less interesting. Ha!

I am truly passionate about Mothers and I believe that if you are going to choose a way, a plan or a philosophy for your family then you should OWN IT and LOVE IT! I love being at the store and surrounding myself with local mamas and the coolest part is that WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. I support you and your journey 100%...