Sunday, October 28, 2012


Loving: All the blabbing and giggles coming from my birdie lately. She is so sweet and funny. She is beginning to become interested in the world around her and its fun to watch. She has really blossomed in the last few weeks.

Watching: Couples Therapy. I know...I know..I shouldn't be watching that reality smut but MY GOD. Have you seen Courtney Stodden? She is a train wreck! I feel bad for the girl. It is obvious that she has had no parental supervision. Maybe her 60 year old husband will be the parent she needs...Ewh.

Thinking About: Possible future business ventures and dreams. Hmmm...

Anticipating: Monday. The weekends have a whole new meaning...

Wishing: That my allergies weren't acting up like they are. Last weekend we went to the pumpkin festival and since then...whew. They've been killin me!

Wearing: My boot. I broke my toes two Mondays ago and I have been wearing a boot the past 2 weeks  it's been killing me. I'M FALLING APART!

Making me happy: My Life. I'm truly happy. Everything makes me happy. If I had to choose one thing. The thought of my daughters FIRST Christmas is pretty exciting!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

On being married...

Nate and I recently celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. Celebrating this occasion always makes me reflect on our relationship. We met about 10 (Summer of 2004) years ago in Columbus, Ohio and I knew the moment that I saw him he was going to be my husband. He lived in my apartment complex and we went to the same church. 
Our paths crossed many times and he had made it apparent that he wanted to take me out. After coming home from church camp I walked into my apartment and found him sitting on my couch. He had come over for pizza with a friend. He asked me out (on my very first date) that evening and we have been together ever since. 
We did long distance for a year, took a break for year when he went to college and reconnected at the end of his sophomore year. In 2006 he moved to Florida to move closer to me, we dated and became engaged in February of 2008. 
I wish that everyone had the opportunity to experience the kind of love that we have for one another. We have had our struggles but have persevered and I hope that if we ever fall on hard times we reflect on the beginning. The beginning is how it all started. Love you, Nate. 

Pumpkin Patch 2012

We took our little sugar to her first pumpkin festival. She was so adorable (when she was awake... and asleep too)! I will say it was nice and cool in the morning but it got pretty warm in the afternoon! Daddy was ready to go around 1PM when he was sweating, carrying all of our stuff and taking care of us. Little bird really loved the animals! I can't wait to take her to the zoo when she gets a bit older. I just lover her so much. She has made life a little brighter, little sweet and alot more interesting! Nate and I had gone to this pumpkin patch pre-baby and I have to was much more fun having a little. Still on my agenda for hirst first Halloween/Fall:

1. Decorate a pumpkin
2. Take a picture with a scarecrow (I think I'm gonna have Nate dress-up and he has no clue yet..hehe)
3. Bake a pie together (she will probably just be watching the first couple of years)
4. Lots more...I think I'll just keep adding to the list...

I have learned a few valuable lesson from my first pumpkin patch; charge your camera, where your hair up in a high bun (too hot down), feed your husband earlier in the day and get a photo with EVERYONE in the picture. I didn't get a family picture :0(


Monday, October 15, 2012

A Saturday.

The Axness family had a little outing on Saturday to the farmers market. We love the farmers market! The littlest Axness didn't get to enjoy it much...or maybe she did? She slept well thats for sure. Have I mentioned how hott seeing your husband wear your baby is? He wears her often and I love it. He is such a great Papa! Look at that sleeping girl!. Btw-I got lots of fruit and veggies and Papa got a chair massage! He deserved it. Next Saturday is the Pumpkin Patch!

3 Month Update.

Personality: Ella has began laughing. It's the best sound in the world. She is happy most of the time and she is VERY determined. She loves it when we hold her hands and she pushes herself up to stand. She thinks it's funny when she gets angel rides. She loves being lifted up and "flown" around. She laughs so hard. Birdie is securely attached to her Daddy. You can tell that she views him as a caregiver/parent. She loves him so much. I love watching him interact with her. They're so cute together.

Sleep: I have been putting Ella down in her crib during naps and sometimes at the beginning of the night. She still sleeps with Mama and Papa. She is def a heavy sleeper. She is so cute...she sprawls out, hands over her head and saws logs. 

Health: Not a whole lot has changed except for the fact that she has gotten bigger! I think she is about 12lbs now. Please stop getting so big Ella-stay small forever! 

Eating: Our breastfeeding relationship is still going strong! She loves it, I love it and my husband is very supportive! Of course when I am gone Nate gives her a bottle. They def have a connection and I still feel close because I can provide her with breastmilk while away. Nate being able to bottle feed has been really great!

Appearance: Oh goodness! There are times that I think she looks like me and then times she is a mini Nate. I love that she still looks Asian. Nate looked at her the other morning and said to me "honey, she looks so Chinese right now"! He wasn't lying-shes an adorable, almond-eyed little sweetheart!