Monday, October 15, 2012

3 Month Update.

Personality: Ella has began laughing. It's the best sound in the world. She is happy most of the time and she is VERY determined. She loves it when we hold her hands and she pushes herself up to stand. She thinks it's funny when she gets angel rides. She loves being lifted up and "flown" around. She laughs so hard. Birdie is securely attached to her Daddy. You can tell that she views him as a caregiver/parent. She loves him so much. I love watching him interact with her. They're so cute together.

Sleep: I have been putting Ella down in her crib during naps and sometimes at the beginning of the night. She still sleeps with Mama and Papa. She is def a heavy sleeper. She is so cute...she sprawls out, hands over her head and saws logs. 

Health: Not a whole lot has changed except for the fact that she has gotten bigger! I think she is about 12lbs now. Please stop getting so big Ella-stay small forever! 

Eating: Our breastfeeding relationship is still going strong! She loves it, I love it and my husband is very supportive! Of course when I am gone Nate gives her a bottle. They def have a connection and I still feel close because I can provide her with breastmilk while away. Nate being able to bottle feed has been really great!

Appearance: Oh goodness! There are times that I think she looks like me and then times she is a mini Nate. I love that she still looks Asian. Nate looked at her the other morning and said to me "honey, she looks so Chinese right now"! He wasn't lying-shes an adorable, almond-eyed little sweetheart! 

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