Sunday, September 30, 2012



Loving: Blogging. I've found it to be relaxing! I've never been good at communicating (I'm too high strung). This has been a challenge  for me and  I'm  really enjoying it.

Watching: Organizational tutorials on YouTube! 

Thinking About: The pursuit of happiness and the meaning of success. To me success=peace. Are you successful? I think that its about time I follow Gods plan and not mine.

Anticipating: Changes. I can feel it in the air...I feel so different now that I've had a baby and I know that more changes are to come! That's's in constant motion.

Wishing: That I would have taken my Real Estate exam right after the course. I was 6 months pregnant and couldn't swing it. Now...I'm going to have a lot of refreshing to do!

Wearing: My Marc Jacob watch! I finally got it fitted and I love it!

Making me happy: FALL!! I can't wait to take Ella to a few fall
festivals! We're going to Hunsaders and Baysides fall fest. I'm 
Making Ella's costume! Sooo cute... You'll see!

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