Sunday, October 21, 2012

On being married...

Nate and I recently celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. Celebrating this occasion always makes me reflect on our relationship. We met about 10 (Summer of 2004) years ago in Columbus, Ohio and I knew the moment that I saw him he was going to be my husband. He lived in my apartment complex and we went to the same church. 
Our paths crossed many times and he had made it apparent that he wanted to take me out. After coming home from church camp I walked into my apartment and found him sitting on my couch. He had come over for pizza with a friend. He asked me out (on my very first date) that evening and we have been together ever since. 
We did long distance for a year, took a break for year when he went to college and reconnected at the end of his sophomore year. In 2006 he moved to Florida to move closer to me, we dated and became engaged in February of 2008. 
I wish that everyone had the opportunity to experience the kind of love that we have for one another. We have had our struggles but have persevered and I hope that if we ever fall on hard times we reflect on the beginning. The beginning is how it all started. Love you, Nate. 

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