Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Being an entrepreneur...

I knew that when I opened Everyday Baby that I was taking a risk. However, I know that I truly believe in my business model; loving mamas, providing community support and selling great products. To date, we've accomplished just that and I'm happy...but...I know that just around the corner is a bigger plan...WORLD DOMINATION (KIDDING)! Ha! I've had the opportunity to look at the models of some of my fave "momtrepreneurs" and become quite inspired.

Thinking of starting a biz? Sick of clocking in? Wanna be your own boss? You CAN! 

Here are my 5 tips for starting your biz:

. Don't be afraid of risk-You have to act when you're MOST on fire about it...or guess what? You'll NEVER do it! So when you make the decision go in-both feet first!

. Have a great product-Please, please, please, be original. There are SOO many mommy websites, blogs, etc. Do something that NO ONE else is doing. I chose something off-line and online but if you're going to be online create something beautiful that people want.

. Make an investment-not just monetarily but your TIME. Thats how you build a brand and its something I'm learning. I HAVE to update this blog more often but, sometimes I get so busy with in-store stuff I find it hard still HAS to be done. Your voice, presence, etc is important and MUST be heard.

. Don't be afraid of failure-Since I've opened my brick & mortar I've learned SO much...I've failed SO much but, these failures make me strong!

. Keep momentum-Your product must keep traction with consumers. If you're loosing it-get your shit together! Figure it out and make it work.

Thats it my go and make yourself proud!


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  1. "Don't be afraid of risk" - Exactly. Risks comes with anything that is unknown. But there is no better way of knowing than executing the plan. To avoid setbacks, a business owner must have a solid contingency plan up his sleeves. He must have the right tools to monitor and analyze his business. Great post, by the way, Christian! Iris