Monday, August 27, 2012

wearing my little using the ring sling.

I wanted to post the videos that have helped me learn how to use my ring sling. When I first began using my Sakura Bloom sling I was a little frustrated. I couldn't figure out how to adjust using the "rails" and it was becoming difficult to keep Ella in an optimal position. After watching the video post above, I realized I had my sling threaded wrong (eep). After threading the sling correctly, things became MUCH easier! It was time to learn positions!

The tummy to tummy position was the first position that I learned. As Ella got a little older she preferred her legs out at the bottom.

Learning to breastfeed in my sling has made getting things done SO much easier! Ella loves to be nestled close and nursing in her sling has become a norm for us. 

These are the two positions that I have learned so far and I plan on learning more! As I learn, I will post. I have gone to a local babywearing group here in Sarasota, FL. If you are local I highly recommend it!

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