Thursday, April 18, 2013


Loving: Feeling like myself again! Like-PREBABY Christian! I love it. I have my body, my energy, MYSELF BACK. I also feel like I've really hit my stride with the whole motherhood thing. I still have a lot to learn and experience but I really feel like Ella and I are communicating well and enjoying eachother. 

Watching: Best Ink-like whoah...I love that show. The girl with the mohawk is my favorite. I have a few tattoo pieces planned and I feel like that show really showcases artists. For someone like me who is looking for art this show is cool you learn the difference between good/bad art and how to choose your artist. 

Thinking About: The store. I think about it all the time. What needs to be ordered, products to carry and services to offer. I love it...keeps me motivated and inspired. I have LOTS in the works right now. 

Anticipating: The Great Cloth Diaper Change. It's been a lot of planning and I'll look forward to getting our count in and it being OVER. 

Wishing: That Birchbox would revamp a bit. I've really been unimpressed with my box lately. I've been looking forward to my Ipsy bag more than my BB. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about...Birchbox is a monthly box that I have subscribed for. It comes in the mail and is filled with cosmetic goodies ( WAS). I love it. I've gotten the following in my boxes; lipstick, nail polish, lip balm, hair products, etc. Yes..I'm a granola Mama but I LOVE cosmetics. Can't help myself...

Wearing: Pants three sizes smaller than before I got pregnant. That's right. I am smaller than BEFORE I was even pregnant. Thank you, Breastfeeding...

Making me happy: EVERYTHING. I'm at such a good place in my life. My little family is thriving. We spend time with eachother and learn together. 

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