Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Can you just do this for me...

Today,  yesterday, the day before that and last week I have been working on the store website. I'm using a service called Shopify and it's pretty user friendly for building a site. However...your still BUILDING a site. There is nothing "easy" about it. So. I keep plugging away. I'm actually posting this and taking a break from it. I'm loading product DAILY. It between customers coming through the door, little Ella Bird needing her Mama and nourishing my body with food..I keep plugging. I've learned that by setting reachable goals I get things done. So from this point forward I will be loading 10 products a day...Can someone keep me accountable? Don't get me wrong. I love online business but lets face it. The people coming through the door neeeed me!..haha.

Check out my progress so far ----> Here <-----

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