Saturday, April 6, 2013

Two is a pair.

As I was searching this morning for some Saturday inspiration I stumbled on this and thought that it was worth sharing. 

Here's their story: In February, Samantha, an American actor living in Los Angeles, received a Facebook message from Anaïs, a French fashion design student living in London. Anaïs' friends had seen a YouTube video featuring Samantha. They were immediately blown away by the identical appearance of Samantha and Anaïs. After a few Google stalking sessions, Anaïs and her friends discovered that both girls were born on November 19, 1987 and adopted shortly afterward. Anaïs knew immediately that it was possible for Samantha to be her biological twin sister and reached out to her through Facebook.

Check out their Kickstarter!!!

In all of the craziness of this week, I found this to be a burst of fresh air. The world is big-the internet is small. It makes me wonder about the family that I have never biological grandmother was adopted. Although I do know much about her and her never know who you're related too. 
Along the lines of the world being big but the internet being small, have you ever thought about your "online identity"? It's crazy to think that there are two separate parts to you; the real you and the perceived you. 

How are you being perceived? 

I'd like to be one someone perceived as; kind, passionate, tolerant, positive, driven and MOST important loving. 

Have a beautiful weekend!

Xoxo Christian

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