Monday, November 12, 2012

Wait. A year ago...Really? how time flies! It seems like just yesterday I was getting home from work and taking a pregnancy test for fun (I did this often..). Only Clearblue had a little surprise for me! Who'da thought it! Let's talk initial reactions; I laughed and Nate well...he was a little freaked out!
Things that I have learned since then; doula's make the world go round (I know a few that are angels in disguise), wine is good (after pregnancy), a happy husband makes for a great life AND people love giving advice! Seriously. People love hearing themselves talk...(including me-I can admit it). I have been given advice from family, friends/enemies, strangers in the grocery store and coworkers. I have had people with children and without children tell me how to; raise, breastfeed and hell push the little angel into the light. I have had grown men talk to ME about childBIRTH. No joke.
If I have one more person tell me that my babes feet are cold, that she has gas or that I should walk out of the room when breastfeeding, I will do nothing. That's right! Nothing. I'm so used to it. Nothing that a little smile can't fix. So for you; hormonal, sweet angels called "pregnant." Cheer up buttercup! It only gets more interesting from here.
So...Here is to another year of being a clueless, learning along the way Mama!

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