Wednesday, November 14, 2012

4 Month Update.

Personality: Awh. She has started talking. She'll look at me straight in the eyes with the most serious look on her face and just begin talking. She just coos and coos. 

Sleep: This chick! She has a bath at 8:30pm and is in bed 9pm. She sleeps ALL NIGHT!...That's right! All night. This all could change in the blink of an eye but I'm enjoying it while I can!

Health: She is getting taller! I think that she is extra healthy too but I may be might be because she is all natural! Not so much as Tylenol has entered this girl body!

Eating: I wish that there was more to report on this and her health but lets face it...I have raised a super baby!

Appearance: Uhm. Did you see her pictures?!

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