Sunday, November 11, 2012

Your baby wears a necklace?

Well...sorta. It's definitely not for fashion (although she does look pretty cute). Her necklace is actually for teething. No, she doesn't chew on it and no she can't choke (I get asked that a lot). It's actually a necklace made of Amber. 

Amber is derived from trees it's considered "fossil resin" that is a "living stone." It's a wonderful, natural and safe remedy for teething babies. The stone actually contains natural succinic acids that prevents the pain and discomfort that would often have parents reaching for over the counter drugs. 

"In order for Baltic amber to perform its analgesic function, amber teething jewelry should be worn comfortably and safely against the child’s skin. When the skin warms the amber, it begins to exude its healing properties providing not only pain relief but a calming effect." -Amber Artisians

We purchased the necklace at the first signs of teething (drooling). Ella was drooling everywhere and seemed a little uncomfortable. After we put on the necklace her drooling stopped, she was sleeping better and seems more comfortable. So...your baby doesn't have to be uncomfortable and irritable!

This is the shop that I purchased Ella's necklace from. They were great!

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