Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mama of the Moment: Lyndsey Mimnagh

We are starting a weekly feature here on the blog and I'm super excited! We will be featuring a special  Mama every week during the month of September! We will have the opportunity to peek into their lives and learn a little about them!

First up, my dear friend Lyndsey! We met a few years ago and I absolutely adore her! She has an amazing little guy named Titus that will steal your heart with one smirk! She will be launching her own blog soon where she discusses the journey that her family is taking in homesteading. It's gonna be a good one! (I'll link up once it's launched)!

Name: Lyndsey Mimnagh
Age of child: 4 1/2 month old boy, Titus Matthew
Occupation: Homemaker and Mommy

Hobbies or passions: 
Homemaking, cooking organic and clean food, crafting, decorating, teaching , mentoring children and teenagers

Your top 3 nursery must haves: 
.My big comfy rocking recliner we got for $50 off Craiglist
.Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer to warm my homemade cloth wipes
.Cloud B Sleep Sheep that makes soothing sounds like rain, a heartbeat, and ocean waves

3 things you didn't know before you became a mom: 
.I wasn't aware of the crazy time commitment that comes with choosing to breastfeed.
.I had no idea of the overwhelming love and bonding that comes from breastfeeding.
.I didn't know how intense moms can be about their opinions and judgments about their ways of parenting.

Favorite book to read to your kiddo:
.Scripture from the Bible

If your parenting style was a song what what song would it be and why? 
.I Get to Be the One by JJ Heller

Quick! You're walking through the Disney World entrance and you can only take one or the other; your baby carrier or stroller. Which is it?
.Definitely our Ergo baby carrier

Cloth or Sposie?
.Cloth during the day, sposie at night

What's one product that you've purchased for your little that you've later regretted. 
.My Moby wrap, it's too hot for Florida!

Name one product that's NOT a necessity you can't live without.
.My Sakura Bloon Ring Sling,although that DOES feel like a necessity

If your mothering style was an animal which would it be and why?

Are you having more little ones? How many?
.Definitely, many many more, including some adopted.

If you could tell your pre-pregnant self anything, what would it be? 
.Let go of every expectation and store away your skinny jeans, lacy bras, and thong underwear.

How did you choose your babies name?

We chose Titus because it's meaning. It means "honorable defender". We desire for him, as our oldest son, to be a protector of the rest of his siblings and a defender of life and truth.

What is one thing that you loved to do prebaby that's more difficult to do now?
.Going to the beach

If you were going to buy one product at Everyday Baby what would you buy?
.Another sling in another color

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