Friday, September 6, 2013

Mama of the Moment: Catherine Barbara

It isn't often that you meet people and instantaneously ADORE them, but that is sort of what happened with Cat. She walked into the store on opening day and I knew that she was someone that I'd want to be friends with. The thing that makes her so special is her loyalty. I've never met anyone quite like her! Lets face it her boy Judah (who we lovingly refer to as "Judah Bug") is freaking rad!

Name: Catherine "Cat"
Age of child: 14 months
Occupation: Stay at home mom 
Hobby or passion: Photography (taking pictures of my family), repurposing old furniture, and spending time with my little family

Your top 3 nursery must haves: 
.Crib (I am a firm believer in children having their own space to sleep in from the time they come home) 
.A glider (for nighttime nursing,) 
.Sound machine (to drown out other noise around the house and provide a familiar comforting sound. This help baby soothe himself back to sleep when he wakes up at night)

3 things you didn't know before you became a mom:
.I had no idea how strong I was and how much pain I could handle all out of love for my child.
.I had no idea that babies became toddlers (and started acting like it!) at 12 months.
.I had no idea that making another person happy and watching them laugh would be the joy of my life. And that from the moment my son was born (and even while he was still in my belly) I would always think of him first and that even something like shopping, that I used to love to do for myself, would be more fun when doing it for him. 

Favorite book to read to your kiddo.
Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You by Nancy Tillman

If your parenting style was a song what what song would it be and why? 
I don't know if this necessarily reflects my parenting style, but the song "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins always pops into my head and makes me take time to enjoy my baby.

Quick! You're walking through the Disneyworld entrance and you can only take one or the other; your baby carrier or stroller. Which is it?
Stroller! With the carrier in the bottom. I love my stroller because I don't have to carry anything when I have it, but if he gets fussy in the stroller, I can wear him and still push all my stuff around in the stroller. I know this from last week's experience in Downtown Disney :)

Cloth or Sposie?
Definitely cloth 90% of the time. Sposies for long trips and vacations, though.

What's one product that you've purchased for your little that you've later regretted. 
Any electronic toy. I really dislike them. I prefer things like blocks which inspire creativity.

Name one product that's NOT a necessity  you can't live without.
The diaper sprayer. I would NOT be cloth diapering without it. 

If your mothering style was an animal which would it be and why?
A lion. This is based on my knowledge of lions from the movie The Lion King of course :) But I tend to think of my little guy as a lion. He curious and playful. I allow him to explore while keeping a close eye from a distance. I'll be there to comfort him when he falls, but I work hard not to smother him and let him be all boy like he is. And if anyone messes with my kid, I'll rip them to shreds and eat them for dinner ;)

Are you having more little ones? How many?
God willing, yes! I think I'd like 2 or 3.

If you could tell your pre-pregnant self anything, what would it be? 
(In regards to teaching because I used to be a teacher) I would tell myself:  Don't stress so much over your job and trying to please everyone. These stressors won't matter in a couple of years. While you like your job and you love your kids, you don't love your job. Your creativity is being stifled because of checklists and tests that don't really matter and you know what. It eats at you everyday because you want more for your kids and you want to feel more satisfaction out of your job. But this isn't it for you. The greatest job, the one you were created for, is just around the corner. Be patient, your big promotion is coming. Your new job title? Mama. You're going to ADORE it. 

How did you choose your babies name?
The name Judah means "Praise" or "Praise God." We had met a little boy named Judah once and I fell in love with the name. When I was pregnant (before I knew I was having a boy,) I woke up in the middle of the night with the name Judah racing through my mind. I couldn't shake the thought that "I must name my son Judah." So, I got up, researched it, and wrote out a letter to my hubby explaining what Judah meant and why I was sure this would be our son's name. Thankfully, he was completely on board :) We both felt that it was a very strong name. Jesus is often referred to as the Lion of Judah, which is very fitting based on the description of my son's personality above. His middle name, which I picked later, is Timothy. I wanted a T name so he could go by JT if he wanted. Timothy means "to honor and fear the Lord." Together the name Judah Timothy means, "to praise, honor and fear the Lord" which is my prayer for my son. I hope more than anything, that he grows up to be a man that does those three things with his life. 

What is one thing that you loved to do prebaby that's more difficult to do now?
Being spontaneous. Definitely.

If you were going to buy one product at Everyday Baby what would you buy?
A carrier. Maybe a Didymos or a Boba!

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