Sunday, August 25, 2013


Loving: This Paleo Veggie Frittata! If you haven't checked out Paleoaholic then you should! They have awesome recipes and meal plans. I just found them :)

I mean look at this...doesn't it look delish? You should make it and tag me @everydaybaby on Instagram!


Watching: Breaking Bad! My husband and I love this show...I'm really loving this season already!

Thinking About: Having another baby. I have caught "baby fever" (shhh...don't tell). My husband and I have been discussing and it looks like we will be trying again in the Spring (maybe).

Anticipating: September! I'm really excited that fall is around the corner! Ella Bird is getting old enough that we can begin a few Fall Traditions! I've been pinning ideas left//right! Do you have traditions that your family look forward too? I'm looking to add a few! Don't hesitate to share!

Wishing: Oh man! I'm wishing for these boots, this sweater and for...uhmm...peace on earth (pageant answer)?!


**But ONLY when the hubby is at work!...He's not a big fan...**
Making me happy: Life. Seriously...


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