Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dear Bird,

sweet girl. In one very short month you're going to be a year old. Last night I analyzed your feet, crazy I know but I was blown away by how much they have grown. The craziest part? What they looked like when you were first born has become a blur to me, thankfully I have an ink print to remember but its amazing how your memory fades over time.

You love me-like a crazy kind of love. I love you too. More than you love me. Motherhood has been treating me well..I feel blessed, aside from the fact that you want to nurse ALL night things are great. Ha! I'm okay with the night nursing if you stay sweet, lovey and laid back during the day. You have your daddy's personality; you're most content being held, watching other and observing. That is SOO your Dad. 

You have changed a lot since you were born and every month is different. For instance, this month you have gotten VERY vocal. You love screaming and are always having babble conversations with me. I love it. These changes bring so much joy! It's amazing to see you piece the world together. What was once a foreign concept (grabbing things, standing, etc) is now a part of your daily routine. 

I promise to enjoy these moments with you. I promise to put the phone down, turn the iPad off and walk away from the computer. You have my word little girl, along with my heart <3

Love you little baby,

Xoxo Mama Bird

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