Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Death of the Jojo or Binky...whatever you call it.

I'm not trying to hate. Promise. However I wanted to share why I do not use a pacifier. I have had people ask and honestly for a while...I had no good reason. I had to sit down and do some research/soul searching. I have never been fond of them but had few good reasons why. Now I DO! I have found a few good resources (I have linked) regarding the matter. are my top ten reasons:

10. Prolongs dependency and interferes with developing autonomy
09. Disrupts trust that mother will provide food and comfort
08. Baby may be or become allergic to latex.
07. Choking hazard
06. Encourages posterior-to-anterior tongue peristalsis
05. Limit skin contact-blocks sensory integration
04. Puts lips into unnatural shape, create muscle imbalance
03. Puts stimulation at anterior part of palate & mouth
02. Causes altered brain wave patterns (trance-like state)
01. Seperates sucking from food intake; unknown results
Bonus reason and furthermore- DEPRIVES BABY OF FOOD

**This is very biased. These are all the reasons I do not use a pacifier. I'm sure other mother have great reasons as to why they do. Please do your own research and make the choice thats best for your baby. EVERY baby is different.

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