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  1. Christian, thank you so much for being so brave and sharing your family on television, it's not an easy thing to do. Your family is beautiful and it was a pleasure watching your story. I also wanted to see if you could recommend natural parenting resources and groups across the country - we are in NYC.

  2. Hi Christian, I want to applaud you for doing this way of parenting. I tried so hard to do natural ways with my older children but their father was against this. He thought I was off my rocker. I am going to email you with more information. People that 'tell' you that you have to give your child shots, have not done their research. They are listening to their doctor toooo much. If you have allergies --shots can harm you--they contain mercury, egg, so much other stuff. My daughter was not given shots--she got chickenpox and was fine--she did not get them as bad as others who were immunized. I know of another child 'not immunized' who got whooping cough. She was pretty good. She took medicine from the naturopath--did not have that bad 'whooping' cough sound, did not get that bad rash that you can get. She did not even seem that sick. You have to believe in whatever you decide. Doctors hate people who follow this way because they make less money--they get kickbacks from seeing you and prescribing all these bad prescriptions. The government does not like this way of thinking also because they do not make as much money either. You daughter will be good.