Sunday, January 20, 2013

6 Month Update

Personality: Ella has started making noises like a clicking noise with her lips and tongue. So cute. She gets my attention with her clicking. She is def a slow to warm up girl. Yesterday we went to a birthday party and she was taking it all in and being so quiet. After she warmed up a bit she started smiling and playing.

Sleep: Haha. Ella sleeps like me. She takes over the bed...I'm still putting in her crib at night then at about 4AM she wakes up, I go in and get her, then she nurses a bit and goes right back to sleep. When she sleeps she is spread eagle taking over the bed :0)

Health: Bshhh...She is super duper healthy! Never had a medicine, vaccine or sickness in her life! I'm currently reading Dr. Sears Vaccine Book to figure out what vaccination looks like for my family. I am by no means anti-vaccine, I am however anti-not knowing anything about them and then putting them into your child. 

Eating: So 6 Months is the time that solids are introduced! We have chosen the baby led weaning method and have introduced avocados, apples and cucumbers (seedless) to date. She really hasn't ingested much of it. She just plays with it and I'm okay with that. She is still breastfed so eating solids for her is just social.

Appearance: Her hair is growing!!! Thank God! I was scared that she was going to be bald for a while. Her hair is really starting to fill in. She now weighs 17lbs and is filling out her 6 months clothes. 

Life is so much better now that she has made her arrival into this world! I love her so much!!

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