Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dear Bird,

You make me so stinkin happy! I have never known this kind of love before. Your personality is by far the coolest! You have such a laid back demeanor and your giggles never get old. I am having a difficult time living "in the moment." I get so excited about the future and your development, that I often have to remind myself that I need to slow down. You aren't going to be a baby forever and I need to enjoy these moments. You have already changed so much! You're my chubby little Buddha baby! I love seeing your interaction with your Papa. He loves you so much and the way you look at him is indescribable. He holds you over his head and you scream laugh. You sound like a little pterodactyl. 

This past week you found your toes. Every time you grab them, you look around wandering where they came from. It's so cute.

I love you, Birdie. I love being your Mama. I promise to live everyday strving to be a better me. A better Ma. You're my heart.

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